The Conqueror  Get Every Trophy   獲得所有獎杯   
   Mastering the Art  Earn the INCOGNITO bonus (Multiplayer).  獲得INCOGNITO(隱秘)獎勵『多人連線模式』  
   Tools of the Templar  Purchase your first ABILITY in the Abstergo Store (Multiplayer).  在Abstergo商店裡購買你的第一項技能『多人連線模式』  
   Achiever  Complete a Challenge (Multiplayer).  完成一項挑戰『多人連線模式』  
   True Templar  Reach level 20 (Multiplayer).  到達20級『多人連線模式』  
   Looking Good  Customize a PERSONA (Multiplayer).  自定義一名人物『多人連線模式』  
   There Is No I in Team  Win a session of a team mode (Multiplayer).  在線上團隊模式中勝利『多人連線模式』  
   Make the Headlines  Obtain 13 different Accolades (Multiplayer).  獲得13項不同的榮譽『多人連線模式』  
   The Way I Like It  Edit your TEMPLAR PROFILE to change your title, emblem, and patron (Multiplayer).  編輯TEMPLAR PROFILE更改你的稱號,紋章和守護神『多人連線模式』  
   Explorer  Finish a session of each game mode (Multiplayer).  線上所有模式都完成一場比賽『多人連線模式』  
   Tactician  Score at least 2505 points in a session (Multiplayer).  在一場比賽中至少獲得2505分數『多人連線模式』  
   The Early Years  Complete Desmond Sequence 1.  完成Desmond Sequence 1.  
   Best Served Cold  Complete DNA Sequence 1.  完成DNA Sequence 1  
   The Reluctant Assassin  Complete Desmond Sequence 2.  完成Desmond Sequence 2  
   Istanbul and Constantinople  Complete DNA Sequence 2.  完成DNA Sequence 2  
   Escape To New York  Complete Desmond Sequence 3.  完成Desmond Sequence 3  
   Seal the Deal  Complete DNA Sequence 3.  完成DNA Sequence 3  
   The Prince  Complete DNA Sequence 4.  完成DNA Sequence 4  
   The Plot Thickens  Complete DNA Sequence 5.  完成DNA Sequence 5  
   Successes and Failures  Complete DNA Sequence 6.  完成DNA Sequence 6  
   The Rotten Apple  Complete Desmond Sequence 4.  完成Desmond Sequence 4  
   Old Boss, New Boss  Complete DNA Sequence 7.  完成DNA Sequence 7  
   Priorities  Complete DNA Sequence 8.  完成DNA Sequence 8  
   Are You Desmond Miles?  Complete Desmond Sequence 5.  完成Desmond Sequence 5  
   Revelations  Complete DNA Sequence 9.  完成DNA Sequence 9  
   Fond Memories  Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences.  全部序列完成度100%  
   Holy Wisdom  Complete the Hagia Sofia challenge level.  完成Hagia Sofia挑戰  
   Capped  Collect all animus data fragments.  收集所有數據片段  
   Worth A Thousand Words  Collect all of Ishak Pasha's memoir pages.  收集所有Ishak Pasha's記憶碎片  
   Pyromaniac  Complete all Bomb Missions.  完成全部炸彈任務  
   Armchair General  Control all cities (except Rhodes) simultaneously in the Mediterranian Defense game.  除了Rhodes,在Mediterranian Defense遊戲中控制所有城市  
   Iron Curtain  Perform a perfect den defense without using the cannon.  完成一次完美的據點防禦並沒使用過大砲  
   Spider Assassin  Climb Hagia Sofia, from the ground to the pinnacle, in under 25 seconds.  在25秒內從Hagia Sofia地面攀爬到達頂峰  
   A Friend Indeed  Complete all Faction Creed Challenges from a single faction.  完成單一幫派Faction Creed 的所有挑戰  
   Tax Evasion  Get your money back from a Templar tax collector.  從一名教堂收稅人手上拿回你的錢  
   The Mentor  Have seven trainees reach the rank of Master Assassin.  7名學員都到達Master Assassin等級  
   Lightning Strikes  Kill 5 guards in 5 seconds using only your hidden blades.  5秒內以隱藏匕首殺死5名警衛  
   Overkiller  Assassinate 50 guards with the hidden blade.  使用隱藏匕首殺死50名警衛  
   Show-Off  Parachute onto a zipline.  使用降落傘落在一條鐵鍊上  
   Sage  Collect all available books.  收集全部書籍  
   Fast Fingers  Loot 50 dead guards with thief looting.  在50名死掉的警衛上偷取物品  
   Mosh Pit  Have 10 guards poisoned at the same time.  同一時間向10名警衛下毒  
   Mouse Trap  Kill 5 guards with a scaffold after they have been stunned by caltrops.  先以caltrops重創5名警衛,再殺死他們  
   Craft Maniac  Craft 30 bombs.  自製30顆炸彈  
   My Protégé  Have one trainee reach the rank of Master Assassin.  一名學員到達Master Assassin等級  
   Almost flying  Parachute directly from the top of the Galata Tower to the golden horn.  使用降落傘從Galata Tower塔頂飛到golden horn  
   Silent but deadly  Kill three guards simultaneously with only throwing knives.  使用飛到同時殺死三名警衛  
   I can see you  Kill 5 guards while under the cover of a smoke screen bomb.  在一顆煙幕彈掩護之下殺死5名警衛  
   Monster's dance  Have a guard incapacitate 3 civilians while he's poisoned.  讓中毒的警衛使3名平民失去行動能力  
   Bully  Find and beat up Duccio.  找到並擊敗Duccio  
   Stopped Dead  Obtain 3 Hidden Gun kills during a session of Steal The Artifact as The Corsair (Multiplayer).  在一場線上Steal The Artifact使用強盜角色獲得三次Hidden Gun『多人連線模式』  
   The Vulture  Obtain 5 Ground Finish bonuses in Manhunt during a session as The Brigand (Multiplayer).  在一場線上Manhunt使用強盜角色獲得5次Ground Finish bonuses『多人連線模式』  
   Pirate's Bravery  Use the Bodyguard against your pursuer as The Privateer (Multiplayer).  在線上以Privateer角色用Bodyguard對付追殺你的玩家『多人連線模式』  
   The Juggernaut  Perform 3 kills using the Charge as The Gladiator (Multiplayer).  在線上以格鬥士並用Charge完成三次擊殺『多人連線模式』  
   Carnival  Stay blended for 3 minutes during a Wanted session in Siena (Multiplayer).  在線上Siena地圖的一場Wanted中保持blended長達3分鐘『多人連線模式』  
   Wild Rage  Perform 3 Stuns without dying in Jerusalem (Multiplayer).  在線上Jerusalem地圖沒死之下完成三次重擊『多人連線模式』  
   Restrained Violence  Obtain 5 Kill Assist bonuses during a session of any Team Mode in Dyers (Multiplayer).  在線上Dyers地圖中的任何一局隊伍模式裡獲得5次助攻獎勵『多人連線模式』  
   Straw Hat  Perform 2 kills from haystacks during a session in San Donato (Multiplayer).  在線上San Donato地圖中的比賽里從草業擊殺兩次『多人連線模式』  
   The Spice of Life  Obtain 2 Variety bonuses during a session in Firenze (Multiplayer).  在一場線上Firenze地圖獲得兩次不同的獎勵『多人連線模式』  
   Up and Down  Perform 5 Leaps of Faith during a session of Assassinate in Imperial District (Multiplayer).  在線上Imperial District地圖中的一場比賽完成5次信仰跳躍『多人連線模式』  


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